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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick Post- Motion Doctor: Great Ipad App for Exercisers

Recently I came across a great application for those who are new to exercise who want to avoid improper movement patterns when exercise. It is called the Motion Doctor. This app will allow the user to click on an area of the body they wish to exercise, and then it will provide exercise recommendations and the proper way to perform them.

Soon after initiating an exercise program, many start complaining of nagging pain they makes them want to quit. The problem is not typically the exercise. It is the movement patterns utilized during the exercise often combined with too much resistance that are the cause of the problem.

For example, when I began yoga several months ago, I was having a lot of rear shoulder pain with the "warrior 2" move.where in a lunge position one arm is forward and the other straight back. I soon realized the shoulder pain was there because I was trying to strain my shoulder too much to get into the position to compensate for a restriction in trunk rotation. So, even though my shoulder hurt, it was my back that was the real problem! Of course as a PT, I am a bit more in tune with how my body should move than the average yoga student. So, I was able to make the adjustment and the pain resolved.

Motion Doctor is an app that was developed  by a PT to show you exactly how to perform each exercise...if you are lucky enough to have your own Ipad.  Please let me know if you have other great technological resources that will make weight loss easier and safer for the CT community.

You can read more about the Motion Doctor app at: http://www.motiondoctorapp.com/

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